What some of our users have to say about MICAP:

“We use MICAP’s expertise to supplement our own procedures when choosing appropriate products in the alternative investment space. Working together, we use their data analysis of all the products to form a set of minimum criteria that we expect products to meet if they are to be recommended to our clients. The MICAP Fund Finder then makes it easy for our advisers to access the agreed panel and all supplementary due diligence documents”

Michael Chaplin-Kelly, Group Support Manager, Fairstone

“MICAP offers our members a robust research solution when advising on tax-advantaged investments.”

Phil Carroll, Proposition Director – Wealth, Quilter Financial Planning

“Having recently subscribed to MICAP, we have found that their comprehensive research, in-depth analysis reports, user friendly tools and continual updates on information to be first-rate. By using the MICAP platform it has significantly advanced on our processes and efficiency in this area of advice for the benefit of our clients. The MICAP platform would be recommended to anyone involved with alternative investments.”

Ross Cameron APFS, HFS Milbourne

“Daedalus Partners is one the UK leading SEIS Fund Managers. Daedalus has been able to secure a key new funding relationship as a result of MICAP. The clarity of the presentation of our offer on MICAP and the supporting analysis contributed to closing this new business relationship.”

Stephen Norton, Partner, Daedalus Partners LLP

“I have just started using the MICAP Fund Finder and I have already come across a couple of substantial cases that will benefit from the portfolio building tools it incorporates. As a step forward in the depth and quality of advice to clients in these markets it is unparalleled.”

Graeme Bone, Director, Beaufort Asset Management Ltd

“I would highly recommend the MICAP service to other providers looking for third party reviews, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the online Due Dilligence Questionnaire system is very easy to use. The system being intuitive is important, especially when multiple members of the team are inputting into it. Secondly and – from a service perspective – most importantly, their analysts work hard to stay within their promised deadlines. This can be crucial as many advisers’ recommendations will depend on third party research, so being able to give our clients reliable timeframes for the receipt of the review is invaluable. Lastly, the review is of good quality. We are yet to come across an advisory firm that was not impressed with the level of detail and independent insight in the reviews we have had commissioned. It’s likely that we will use MICAP for every fundraise going forwards.”

Josh Knight, Partner, Mariana Investments

“MICAP is an important part of the selection process for the alternative investment market. Without reference to MICAP an adviser may have gaps in their analysis which may lead to a poor decision for their client and leave them open to unwelcome scrutiny by the regulator.”

Gianni Campopiano, Principal, Foundation Financial Planning

“We have found MICAP intuitive to use and the platform has been very useful in refining our selection process of tax efficient products. We aim to apply the same rigorous selection criteria to tax efficient products as we do for more mainstream investments and the system has made this possible.”

Steve Pine CFP, Partner, Aspire Partnership

“Having reviewed the various research aids for financial advisory businesses, I find the MICAP tool inhabits the sweet spot between functionality, ease of use, quality information and resource – and we would not be without it as part of our research process for alternative investments.”

David Bashforth FPFS, Chartered Financial Planner, Belmayne Independent Chartered Financial Planners LLP

“We have been impressed by the depth and content of the MICAP reports on Puma. Keep up the good work!”

Sam McArthur, Chief Operating Officer, Puma Investments

“Not only does the fund filter help to reduce the field down to a manageable size, but the scores help to create a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of each fund which summarise a vast quantity of detail. Using this tool has helped save hours of research.”

Stephen Yarr, McClelland Yarr Financial Services Ltd

“MICAP provides advisers with access to unparalleled data within an intuitive platform. It has never been so easy for financial advisers to undertake whole of market research on tax efficient investments, which enables advisers to have confidence in recommending such products.”

Andrew Aldridge, Partner, Deepbridge Capital