MICAP’s research and review processes have been designed to be objective, intellectually robust, impartial, reasonable and fair.

MICAP prides itself on producing high quality due diligence and is committed to providing documents which are full of insight and value. On average, each review costs MICAP a total of 35 – 40 hours of analysts’ time, and in order to have a scalable and sustainable business model, MICAP levies a charge to the parties under review to cover this cost.

The following summarises the steps from the initiation of research to the publication of a MICAP Review on the MICAP Fund Finder:

  1. MICAP sends the relevant due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) to the party under review.
  2. MICAP appoints one of its research analysts to review the completed DDQ, requesting further information or documentation where required.
  3. The analyst will contact and/or interview the relevant party as required, validating and auditing the information provided, and thereby collating soft data to supplement the factual data already provided.
  4. The analyst writes the MICAP review and draws their conclusions and summarises these in each of the relevant sections.
  5. A senior analyst checks the review for accuracy, homogeny of process, and that its conclusions are fair, clear and not misleading.
  6. The review is submitted for internal peer review by MICAP’s research moderators, including MICAP’s Head of Research.
  7. The review is submitted for external moderation by one of MICAP’s consultants.
  8. The review is sent to the party under review to ensure factual accuracy. Should that party wish to challenge the review’s conclusions, any comments will be evaluated by the analyst before the final draft is prepared.
  9. The final version of the review is then sent to the relevant party for sign off.
  10. Subject to sign off, the full MICAP Review will then be posted on the MICAP Fund Finder and made available to all subscribing users.

To find out more, or if you wish to commission a review, please contact us at info@micap.com.

Conflict of Interest

To avoid a conflict of interest the cost is a standard flat rate fee, payable in full before a first draft of the review is sent to the party under review for fact checking. Additionally, the review process is conducted by our experienced team of analysts who carry out their research away from any commercial incentive and separate from our business development and executive teams. MICAP is not further remunerated in any way (e.g. via selling the marketing rights to investment managers), to ensure that the analysts’ focus is on producing an impartial and comprehensive review of high quality and not on securing revenues. The party under review is invited to fact check the review, but has no other input in the review process. Once the review is completed the party under review can request that the review is not published but otherwise has no control over its content.

To review our full Conflicts of Interest Policy, click here. MICAP is committed to operating in a transparent way, so if you would like any further information in relation to our fee model for product providers, please contact us at info@micap.com.

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